Holidays with children at South Zealand and Moen

Copenhagen Coast & Countryside has activities and attractions for the whole family. There is enough nature and culture to satisfy everyone. You can just be yourself and enjoy your surroundings, and there are so many opportunities to relax. Just leave your daily life behind you and make quality time for each other. Enjoy a wonderful holiday with your children on South Zealand and Møn.

Explore the history of Copenhagen Coast & Countryside from the land, water or air. There are so many possibilities! You just have to snatch the moment and enjoy.


Further info about Copenhagen Coast & Countryside

We have a wide variety of different attractions, and we are sure that there is something of interest for you and your children. Whether you prefer amusement parks or climbing into the tree tops, discovering the evolution of Denmark, visiting castles, parks and stately homes, or an interactive museum or having the Cold War explained from a child's eye view. Or maybe something completely different?

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