Holidays in the nature of South Zealand and Moen

In our beautiful part of Denmark you can discover the rich plant and animal life of the area, with child friendly beaches along the longest stretch of coastline in Denmark and plenty of areas with low light pollution. Here you are able to view the stars and the Milky Way in their full glory in a Dark Sky Area.

You shouldn't miss the UNESCO World Nature Inheritance Sites at Stevns Klint or Møns Klint, with their fantastic natural surroundings.


Further info about the areas of natural beauty in Copenhagen Coast & Countryside

If you delight in nature and all its possibilities then South Zealand and Moen will be a paradise for you.

We offer you everything from delightful park gardens, good fishing waters, rare flora and fauna and singular natural phenomenons - and places such as Stevns and Møns Klint, Dark Sky areas etc.

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