Attractions and adventures for all

Wild, funny and exciting adventures are waiting for you on South Zealand and Møn. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a jamboree in BonBon Land and like to climb to the tops of the trees, or if you prefer the fort at Stevnsfortet and the GeoCenter on Møns Klint – you can try them all out during your stay. The opportunities are varied and plentiful.

You decide how high and how wild!

For example at Camp Adventure, the largest tree top adventure park in Denmark, which offers the longest zip line in Northern Europe. This zip line is 476 metres long, and is one of the five zip lines which are arranged at varying heights, from half a metre to 25 metres high in the crown of the trees.

Gavnø Go Fly is something for the whole family, offering activities for children from three years old. Using the tree top course the 150 year old trees can be explored at various heights using the zip lines and rope bridges.

For those who want to go even higher, there is the opportunity for a flight with a glider. Keep a good look out for the fluffy cumulus clouds; that means perfect flying weather and the chance to take a flight with an experienced pilot from the Øst-Sjællands Flyveklub, the East Zealand Flying Club.

If you are searching for adventure nearer ground level and you love speed, then Feddet is the place for you. This is one of the only locations in the world where you can ride electric off-road motorbikes.


The large amusement park, BonBon-Land, can easily take up two days of your holiday and they will be fun days for your family.  There is everything from thrilling to quiet entertainments and there is even  space for  a picnic blanket on the ground if the adults need a break!  And  when you are back home you will have plenty to tell of your wonderful experiences.

It is going to be difficult to keep your feet in the present day

At The Danish Castle Centre all kinds of modern technology will help to take you on a journey back to the Middle Ages, to the old Kings and their power plays, and their castles. The Castle Centre, located around the Goose Tower, which is further surrounded by a water filled moat, lies in the centre of Vordingborg, and from this starting point visitors are transported back into the past. Experience the Middle Ages as never before.

Travel even further back into the past at the GeoCenter Møns Klint. This is Northern Europes most up-to-date science centre offering a time machine for vistiors, with the help of the newest technological exhibits and a 3D cinema, which takes you 70 million years into the past.
Every day there are activities and workshops on offer, for example a trip to the time of the dinosaurs or the hunt for 18 varieties of rare wild orchids using GPS.

The Faxe Chalk Pits offers another experience of the past, which is not only unbelievably interesting but set in incredibly beautiful surroundings. The Geomuseum Faxe,  is located at the edge of the chalk pits. Here visitors are catapulted back 63 million years to learn the geology of chalk and its formation - from a coral reef - and its meaning for the whole Faxe area. 

Stevnsfort is an atom bunker hidden deep in Stevns Klints with secret underground passages. Up until only 20 years ago the bunker was still occupied. In the Cold War period between the East and West it was a closely guarded secret under the control of Denmark and NATO.
Entry to the passageways is only allowed during a guided tour, which takes you through the 1.7 km of passages located 18 metres under the surface.


The famous Kähler Vase is so young that it almost hasn't made history yet! It comes from Næstved, where Kählers ceramic workshop is still located and where the predecessors of this vase can be viewed in the Boderne where the city museum is located. The Boderne was built in the Middle Ages and the building is an experience all on its own. The museum shows four generations of Kähler Ceramics and a permanent exhibition of works from the Holmegaard Glassworks, which was locally produced up until recently. The exhibition gives you the feeling that this past very recent is, as many of the items are still in use today.

You will also find yourself close to the past in the exhibitions in Næstved Automobilmuseum. 3,000 square metres filled with nostalgia in the form of vintage air planes, cars, motorbikes, mopeds and agricultural machinery. You can also visit the workshop and shops dating from the 1950s. It is almost scary how much fun you can have here!

A fun holiday activity, that is also good for learners, is canoeing. Lake Susåen is perfect to test out your skills; either during a course or just for a couple of hours. The Suså is 89 km long, the longest stretch that can be followed on water is, however, 50 km and ends in Næstved. But first you need a canoe and these can be rented out at various places. During your canoe tour you will find plenty of opportunities to take a break or even an overnight stay- either with payment or free of charge.


But take care if you go further, to Kalvehave, because it is all too easy to get lost. Over and over again. In the amusing labyrintpark (Maze park), there are nine different mazes, in which it is a bit scary but also great fun. And we haven´t lost anyone yet. And to while away the time while you wait until everyone reappears from the labyrinth, you have the choice between a variety of games and logic puzzles to get your brain cells  active again, which have slowed down during your holiday.

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