The Baltic Sea Route

For 170 kilometres, the Baltic Sea Route stretches along the beautiful region of South Zealand and Møn. Along the way you will discover the finest accommodation, world-class restaurants and many well-known Danish attractions.

South Zealand and Møn is a safe cycling paradise for the whole family. The region boasts some of the most beautiful natural areas in Denmark.  Discover a treasure trove of landscapes as long, winding roads carry you alongside the Baltic Sea coastline, close to fjords, through dense forests and over hilly terrain to the highest point of Møn. Where the land meets the sea, you can stop and marvel at the dramatic cliffs, from Møns Klint in the south to Stevns Klint in the north. 

Møns Klint

9 must sees on the route

Do yourself a favour and enjoy some experiences that Copenhagen Coast & Countryside has to offer on the Baltic Sea Route! We have compiled a selection of nine exceptional experiences.

Møn ice cream

Get a taste of Copenhagen Coast & Countryside

You’ll certainly need energy to work the pedals along the 170 kilometres of the Baltic Sea Route. So swing past one of the many savoury experiences on offer along the route. 

Experiences for adults

Experiences for couples

The special experiences on offer along the Baltic Sea Route are filled with opportunities to feel closer to your significant other. Take your partner along for the journey and enjoy the area together.

9 tips for family attractions

9 child-friendly experiences

Are you bringing the whole family on a trip along the Baltic Sea Route? Let the children enjoy at least one of the 9 most child-friendly experiences that Copenhagen Coast & Countryside has to offer. 

Great nature experiences

Great experiences in nature

Do you need to slow down and get closer to nature? Stop for one of these wonderful experiences along the Baltic Sea Route. Perhaps you can spot an eagle or a seal, or find remnants of a dinosaur.


Experiences a bit further away

Are you ready to bike a little further? We recommend these unique experiences where you can go high up into the treetops, go deep down into a bunker or laugh so hard it will leave you in stitches.