Møns Klint

The best beaches

With 600 km of coast you are never far from the sea and a refreshing swim. And fortunately, you can rejoice that Copenhagen Coast & Countryside has some of the best beaches - perfect for playing and messing about in the water, sunbathing, a sunrise tour or a delicious picnic. - Here is a selection of the best beaches the area has to offer.

Enø Beach
At Karrebæksminde you will find one of the best and most child-friendly beaches, namely Enø Beach. The water is shallow and calm on the almost encapsulated sandy beach in Karrebæksminde Bay. There are lifeguards and a Blue Flag here, which means the water is high quality. And it is not far to the nearest ice cream parlour and the famous Enø Bakery, known for their own delicious and low-fat ice cream.

Feddet Beach
Overlooking Præstø Fjord on one side and the Baltic Sea on the other side, it is a perfect setting for a fantastic day at Feddet Beach. The water quality is excellent, which the Blue Flag testifies to and the sand is perfect for sunbathing and building sandcastles. In the high season there are plenty of activities on the beach for both children and adults, including horse rides along the beach, beach volleyball, jumping and obstacle courses in the water and much more.  

Svinø and Ulvshale beaches
At Svinø between Næstved and Vordingborg and at Ulvshale on Møn, you will also find pleasant sandy beaches with space for peace and quiet, and being together, as well as the most beautiful scenery that is an invitation for a cosy picnic. 

Rødvig Beach
The lovely and child-friendly Rødvig beach at Stevns is a wonderful invitation to relax with friends or have a fun day with the children. Here you can dig and paddle or swim from the jetty, which is set up in the summer. - Your neighbour is Rødvig Harbour with several cafes and a genuine maritime atmosphere.

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