Rødvig Havn

Cosy harbours on South Zealand and Møn

Whether you are a landlubber or a mariner, Copenhagen Coast & Countryside’s many charming small harbours are a great place to hang out if you are looking for authenticity, maritime atmosphere and the smell of sea and tar. Here are some of the region’s most charming harbours.

Klintholm Harbour, located on the south side of Møn, just a few kilometres from Møns Klint, is an active fishing harbour and a modern marina with space for about 200 boats. Here there is also a child-friendly beach and several restaurants with the finest harbour views.

Another attractive harbour in the area is Kalvehave Harbour, located right by Møn’s Bridge. Here there is a fishing harbour and marina and a lovely maritime atmosphere. And then the view over Stege Bay to Nyord and Stege is unsurpassed.

In the western part of the area you can visit Karrebæksminde Harbour, where there is an outer and an internal harbour. To get to the inner harbour you must go through a narrow channel, which pedestrians, cyclists and cars can pass over on a fun little lifting bridge that also goes by the name of the “grasshopper bridge”. The mood in Karrebæksminde is quite unique - a charming blend of sophisticated Riviera life and Dutch canal romance. Especially in the summer months there is life and many tourists in the area, and much of life takes place in the harbour area and along the canal. 

Right to the east you will find the charming Stevns Rødvig Marina, located beside Zealand’s second largest fishing harbour. The marina offers plenty of life and atmosphere including many fishing boats, a real boatyard and several good restaurants, including Rødvig Kro. The marina is big and there is usually no trouble getting a berth even in high season. 

Also see our “Harbour Guide” with facts and descriptions about the most charming harbours in SouthCoastDenmark (PDF).

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