Rønnebæksholm Art Museum, Næstved

Cultural and historical experiences

Are you looking for new cultural or historical experiences, then go to South Zealand and Møn, just an hour’s drive from Copenhagen, and visit some of the area’s many historical museums, castles and manors houses or one of the many galleries - often with local art on the walls and perhaps have a chat with the artist. Or stop by some of Møn’s small churches and see world-class frescoes - regarded by many art historians as Denmark’s most important contribution to world art. Experiences that, in other words, there are plenty of and that are both the smallest and the biggest, so enjoy and welcome!    


Castles and manor houses

South Zealand is known for its many castles and manor houses, so why not do as Hans Christian Andersen did - namely go and visit them.

Gavnø Castle, Næstved

Gardens and parks

Visit one of the many gardens and castle parks on South Zealand and Møn and enjoy the peace, the surroundings and maybe a packed picnic basket. We show you the way!

Fanefjord Kirke

World class frescoes

According to many experts, three Møn churches are hiding some of the finest that Denmark has given the world of art. Click here to see what it is!


Experience “Næstved Art Town”

Take a walk in Næstved and enjoy the town’s many colourful gable paintings done by renowned graffiti artists from around the world.


Rønnebæksholm Arts and Cultural Centre

In Rønnebæksholm manor at Næstved you can see alternating exhibitions of contemporary artists and outside explore the large, French-style manor house garden. 

Galleries and artisans

Galleries and artisans

Visit South Zealand’s and Møn’s many galleries and artisans and have a chat with the local artists.  

Catalouge and map

Downloads - Brochures and maps

Here you can download brochures and maps from South Zealand and Møn. Download our official tourist brochure as well as more specific guides.    

Sibirien, Strandskoven, Faxe Ladeplads

Photo gallery - Enjoy our appetizer!

Much can be said with words, but pictures often give a clearer idea about a place, so here we have gathered some of the best photos from Copenhagen Coast & Countryside. Enjoy!