Cycling routes on South Zealand and Møn - Download descriptions and route maps

South Zealand and Møn invites you to a fantastic experience on your bike, on the many and various cycle routes, where you can enjoy the unbelievable landscape and the views on offer. You can already start to anticipate your enjoyment!

Panorama routes

Denmarks Mountain Stage, route 421 - Breathlessness is the word for this 18 km. cycling route! The route takes you through some of Denmark’s most breathtaking scenery. Magnificent views across cliffs and sea, winding and undulating landscapes with pastures and forests. The very hilly route will make you breathless and sweaty – but don’t despair. The rewards will be great!

Island Hopping, route 422 - take the entire family exploring with this 29 km. cycling route. This is a route with ice cream at the beaches, games of senses in the forest, long beaches and the beautiful island Nyord. 

The Sweet Tour, route 423 – this 21 km. route is ideal for families - it takes you along quiet roads along the cove, up and down hills, through small villages with timber-framed houses and rural idyll. It offers fun activities for children and places to eat. The route can be combined with another Panomara Route, the Island Hopping route (422), for a total of 42 km.

Adventurous Idyll, route 424 - The 34 km. tour around Jungshoved is an excursion into romanticism. Cycles glide silently under the beech trees and the view from the top of the peninsula looks out onto the calm blue sea. You can make a shortcut, and do the tour in only 16 km.

Fjord and Fossils, route 425 - at this 36 km. cycling route, you'll see beautiful flora and fauna, and you can go fossil hunting at the bottom of the sea! 

Clifftop Drama, route 426 - this cycle tour is world class! There are magnificent views and quiet roads, white chalk and rich black soil, relics from the Cold War and stone heated by sunlight. The entire route is 42 km. but you can make a shortcut - this way it will only be 22 km. 

Ancient/Prehistoric Route is a 36 km. cycling route over Western Møn. 

Local bike routes

There is a biking guide at Stevns which covers several route suggestions around Stevns. The routes will take you through the idyllic landscape and the dramatic history of the sites. 

Feddet has an 8,1 km. cycling route amongst beautiful landscapes and nature. You'll need to pay a small parking fee to access Feddet from Freddet Camping. 

The route arround Holløse is approx. 20 km. and takes you through the nature, pass churces and church ruins, the river Susåen and the beautiful Herlufsholm. The facts is in Danish, however the map will give you an overview of the route. 

The Karrebæk Route is approx. 37 km. through amazing natural sites and takes you near to the popular holiday destination Karrebæksminde, with one of the best beaches in Denmark. The facts is in Danish, however the map will give you an overview of the route.

Rønnebæk-Fladså Route discovers, amongst others, the Art and Culture Center of Rønnebæksholm, World War 2 hideouts and some of Næstveds best nature! The route is approx. 16 km. The facts is in Danish, however the map will give you an overview of the route.
Rønnebæk-Ydernæs Route also comes around the Art and Culture Center of Rønnebæksholm, the harbour of the river Susåen and of course .. even more, beautiful natural sites! This route is approx. 18 km. The facts is in Danish, however the map will give you an overview of the route.

The Vejlø-Basnæs Route takes you through epic nature sites and the amazing island Gavnø with the even more amazing Gavnø Castle and castle park. Discover Basnæs harbour and the Monk Hill! The route is approx. 33 km. The facts is in Danish, however the map will give you an overview of the route.

Fodsporet (The footprint) is used for both cycling, hiking, rollerblading and much more. The route is a disused railway track system, which means that it's now a very wide route, safe from traffic and therefore very child friendly. The route is more than 40 km. The website is only in Danish, but the map should be readable - otherwise it will give an overview of the route. 

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