Dark Sky over Møns Klint - fotograf Thomas Ix

Discover "Dark Sky" on Møn and Nyord

Seize the opportunity to get a fantastic nature experience on Møn and Nyord, where you can experience the starry sky with virtually no light pollution of any kind.

What is "Dark Sky"?
Møn and Nyord are some of the few places in Denmark where "light pollution" is almost zero, so here you have the chance to experience a completely clear and distinct starry sky, adorned by the most beautiful stars, and not least the full splendour of the Milky Way. “Dark Sky” is a term describing both the phenomenon of an unpolluted night sky as well as the Danish association and worldwide networks working hard to preserve such places.

The phenomenon is best experienced from the month of September till March, where the nights are the longest. You can book a stay at Mønsklint Resorts Dark Sky Lounge (which is Dark Sky certified), Or at the hotel Liselund Ny Slot, Where the low light pollution in the park provides excellent opportunities to experience Dark Sky.

Klintholm Harbour on Møn is another great place to experience the starry sky.

If you want to know more about the International Dark Sky Organization, you can click here

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