Discover South Zealand’s and Møn’s endless coasts

With more than 600 km of coast to romp about on, there are obviously many opportunities for experiences that focus on the water on a trip to South Zealand and Møn. Here is a taste of what you can look forward to.
December 1, 2017

Vordingborg Municipality, which is part of Copenhagen Coast & Countryside, is the municipality in Denmark that has the longest coastline - a total of 385 km. However, collaboration involves three other coastal municipalities, so in other words, the region has more than enough coast for everyone.

South Zealand’s and Møn’s long coastline varies from inviting sandy beaches, such as the very child-friendly beach at Feddet to the chalk-white, impressive chalk cliffs of Møn, Denmark’s most popular natural attraction. The coastline is also home to the cliff at Stevns, which in 2014, was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because nowhere else as clearly as here can you see evidence of Earth’s epoch-making impact with an asteroid 66 million years ago.

The east side of South Zealand is dominated by the wooded peninsula of Feddet that almost closes off the entrance to Præstø Fjord. The same is true on the west side of South Zealand, where the two small islands of Enø and Dybsø almost block the entrance to the underlying fjords of Karrebæk Fjord and Dybsø Fjord. Otherwise, it is the 15 km long headland of Knudhoved Odde that dominates the landscape in the west.

South Zealand’s and Møn’s countless coves, bays and headlands, and the many small islands and islets, make the area perfect for sailors of almost any kind. As a boating enthusiast, you are never far from the nearest marina and kayakers can almost always find sheltered and calm water. For landlubbers, the long and varied coastline offers perfect hiking opportunities, for example, along the Trampe path that runs along the top of Stevns Klint and makes it possible to hike the almost 21 km between Rødvig and Bøgeskov Harbour - a fantastic trip with many magnificent views of the cliff and out over the Baltic Sea.

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