Downloads - Brochures and maps

Here you will find material to download; hiking routes, cycling routes, fishing guides and much more, that you can use when you arrive at South Zealand and Møn. In addition you can find inspiration for the worlds greatest treasure hunt; Geocaching.

Our latest catalogue 2018, and our image catalogue, are available for easy access data and downloads. They can help you find inspiration for your next holiday.


Active holidays

If active holidays are the thing for you, then South Zealand and Møn is exactly what you are looking for! We have a broad range of active routes, trails and open spaces - whether you are looking to bike, hike or fish. The various routes and travel guides are available to download here.


Tours of Discovery

The outdoor handbook “Friluftsguiden” offers additional routes and trails, amongst others for riders and with distinct themes. You can also take part in the world's greatest treasure hunt with Geocaching, which has 2,794,980 hiding places scattered around the world.

Click on to the websites and start discovering!

Hiking Guides and routes for download

Hiking trails on South Zealand and Møn

Put on your walking boots and get out into the nature of South Zealand and Møn – for there is enough of it and several lovely hiking trails to choose from. Read more.

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Copenhagen Coast & Countryside - Order catalogues

Order catalogues and destinationmaps

Here you can order our catalogues - all of them or only some of them, and a map. We hope they may inspire you while planning the trip to Copenhagen Coast & Countryside - South Zealand & Møn.


Image catalogue

The ultimate guide for Copenhagen Coast & Countryside. We are delighted to be able to share all the fantastic stories with you! Don't forget to download our catalogue, for inspiration to your next holiday!


Catalogue 2018

Here you can download and read our new catalogue 2018. The catalog covers all four cooperating municipalities Faxe, Naestved, Stevns and Vordingborg - South Zealand and Møn.

Map of South Zealand and Moen

Destinationmap 2018

Here you can download our new destination map. The map covers all four cooperating municipalities Faxe, Naestved, Stevns and Vordingborg.