Dykning ved Rødvig

Experiences below the surface of the sea

Discover Copenhagen Coast & Countryside below the surface of the sea. Follow the underwater trails at Vordingborg or Kalvehave - or dive into the azure green water at Møns Klint and enjoy a unique nature experience.

Follow the underwater nature trails
At Vordingborg and Kalvehave you can follow the underwater nature trails and discover how a totally new and unknown world opens up to you. The coasts of South Zealand hold many hidden and amazing treasures, but you have to know what to look for them, and here the underwater nature trails are a good thing. When you follow the water trails, there is a greater chance that you will see the details and so learn more about life under the sea. 

You will find the trails at Ore Strand Camping in Vordingborg and at Kalvehave Harbour. The trail at Kalvehave is for beginners, while the trail at Ore Strand Camping is for experienced snorkelers who can swim.

Diving and snorkelling at Møns Klint
Møns Klint not only has some of the most stunning natural scenery above the surface of the sea. Below the surface of the sea lies a world that is just as breathtaking. If you visit GeoCenter Møns Klint during the summer, you can join in organised snorkel trips, where you swim over the white chalk bottom.

If you bring your own diving equipment and you are a certified diver, you can go out with Møns Sports Diving Club and be lucky enough to find the old sound ferry Explorer, which lies completely hidden at Møns Klint. Or dive into the sea through the up to four metres high underwater rocky passageways. Diving at Møns Klint is not just a unique diving experience, but also a unique nature experience that offers exciting animal and plant life.

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