600 km of coast with lots of opportunities

Enjoy the life along the beatiful coasts of South Zealand and Møn

600 km of coast with lots of opportunities

Experiences focusing on the sea

Copenhagen Coast & Countryside is favoured by an incredibly long coastline with almost unlimited possibilities for experiences both in and on the water. Wherever you stay in the region, there is at most a 30-minute drive to the coast, so you can hardly avoid beaches, coastal areas, the countless small harbours, the sea and all the many activities having the sea as their focus during your holiday.

The coast on Møns Klint
Udsigt fra Møns Klint

Discover the endless coasts

If your trip takes you to South Zealand and Møn, you will have more than 600 km of coast to enjoy, so there are endless possibilities here for experiences both in and on the water.


The best beaches on South Zealand and Møn

With 600 km of coast you are never far from the nearest beach. Here are some of the best.

Experiences below the surface of the sea

Experience a world beneath the surface of the sea. Here are a few options that are sure to impress.

Stevns Klint

Boat trips in the area

Hop on a tour boat and experience Copenhagen Coast & Countryside’s beautiful coastlines from the water.

Catalouge and map

Downloads - Brochures and maps

Here you can download brochures and maps from South Zealand and Møn. Download our official tourist brochure as well as more specific guides.    

Sibirien, Strandskoven, Faxe Ladeplads

Photo gallery - Enjoy our appetizer!

Much can be said with words, but pictures often give a clearer idea about a place, so here we have gathered some of the best photos from Copenhagen Coast & Countryside. Enjoy!