The Forest Tower at Camp Adventure

May 16, 2019

Amazing view form 45 meter above the ground 

The Forrest Tower nearby Camp Adventure is an extraordinary experience and gives a majestic view of the island of Zealand. The Forrest Tower is the highest construction on Zealand with a height of 45 meter and a platform places 135 meter above sea level. From the top of the Forest Tower you can see 25 km of South Zealand’s beautiful landscape and if you turn and look north you may even see the Oresund’s Bridge, Turning Torso in Malmo and parts of the Copenhagen skyline..

Skovtårnet ved Camp Adventure

A unique experience in nature

With the trip up the Forest Tower follows a completely unique feeling, where nature is experienced from new perspectives. The trip to the Forest Tower itself takes place via a 900 m long boardwalk through the forest, where there is room to enjoy the surroundings and immerse yourself in nature with little breaks at the many lookout points and small platforms that you come across along the way.

When you arrive at the Forest Tower, it is time to climb the 650 meter long spiral ramp, which winds up along the construction. Here you have the opportunity to experience nature and the trees in a whole new way – at close range. The unique experience culminates on the Forest Tower's top with a 360 ° view over the southern Zealand landscape.




Outstanding architecture

For architecture fans the Forest Tower is undoubtedly a "must-see". The unique construction was designed by EFFEKT Architects and has already won several international awards before the opening, amongst other: first place at the ICONIC Award 2017 - Visionary Architecture and Finale World Architecture Festival 2017. The structure is a so-called hyperboloid shape, which consists of long vertical steel pipes that are not bent, but instead are rotated 120 ° to obtain the Forest Tower's curved hourglass shape.



Forest Tower


Visit the Forest Tower at Camp Adventure, which is located at

 Denderupvej 9A, 4690 Haslev.

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