Funny factory visits on South Zealand and Møn

Fun business visits

Go on a business visit and see how to make boiled sweets or where food comes from. Fun business visits for the whole family.

Møn Bolcher 
At the old sugar factory in Stege you can, for instance, visit Møn Bolcher and experience boiled sweet making according to good old recipes. When the sweet mass has cooked, the red-hot mass is kneaded and shaped by the sweet-maker into colourful treats. And if there are children in the party, they may be allowed to make their own lollipop. - The Sweet Factory works year round and admission is free. 

Møn Is
At Møn Is at Råbylille on Møn, you cannot only buy and taste the fresh, homemade ice cream, but you can also visit the stables and see how the cows are milked. If you are a group of 25 people or a school class, you can also join a guided tour, where you learn about how a dairy farm and plant agriculture are run. 

Pick-your-own fruit
If you want to pick-your-own fruit, you can, for example, do it at Langholm Frugt, situated at Bårse. Many varieties of apples and pears are grown here that are sold directly from the farm - both as raw fruit and juice.

At Kildemarksgaarden farm shop, located just outside Haslev, is a farm shop selling many different crops, but also with the option to pick-your-own strawberries and peas.

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