Galleries and artisians on South Zealand and Møn

Galleries and artisans

Copenhagen Coast & Countryside is home to more than 30 galleries, just as the area also has a large number of active artisans. In other words, there is plenty to see if you want to immerse yourself in the local gallery and artisan environment.

In Stege on Møn you can, for example, visit Liza’s Gallery, which over the summer holds various exhibitions. In Stege there is also Gallery Ewald. The gallery, which is in an old forge, is scenically located down to the cove at Stege Nor, so here you not only get an artistic experience, but also a nature-related experience. There are exhibitions of both arts and crafts.    

In the last weekend of August, a group of artists from the Faxe and Stevns area have an “Open Studio” event, so you have the chance to see a lot of local art and also have a chat with the artists.

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