Farm holidays on South Zealand and Møn

Go on a farm holiday

Do you dream of peace and fresh country air, to learn about farm life and a kind of holiday that the children are guaranteed to love? Then you should go on a farm holiday.

A farm holiday is a very popular and family-friendly type of holiday, where you have the opportunity to learn about farm life up close. A wonderful type of holiday for children who are guaranteed to enjoy stroking and petting the farm animals.  

There are two variants of this particular type of holiday, namely “Farm holiday” and “Holiday in the country”. On a Farm holiday you live on the farm in a separate building or in a room, and the hosts often offer either quarter, half or full board, while on a Holiday in the country you usually live in a separate flat with your own kitchen and bathroom and you provide for yourselves. There is also the difference that where a Farm holiday is usually offered by farms that have an active agricultural production, this does not apply for a Holiday in the country. 

If there are activities on the farm, you can usually be allowed to participate in these, if you wish to. Perhaps a ride on a tractor beside the farmer will be a dear and lasting holiday memory for the children. 

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