Fossil hunting, Møns Klint

Go fossil hunting

At Stevns and Møn you can go on a treasure hunt and find treasures that have been hidden for many millions of years.

You can look for fossils all over Denmark, but some of the very best places to do that is on Stevns and Møn - more specifically below the cliffs and in Faxe Limestone Quarry. So if you are interested in geology and Earth’s earliest life, then Copenhagen Coast & Countryside with Stevns and Møn are the right places to visit. 

If you are lucky, on the beach you can find sea urchins and their needles, as well as belemnites, and lots of squid carapaces. And you don’t have to be that lucky, because there are actually lots of them. There are good chances of a find, especially after a storm with an onshore wind. And if you chip away with a hammer and chisel in the porous cliffs, or in Faxe Limestone Quarry, you may be lucky to find fossilised shark teeth, clams, corals, crabs and many different kinds of fish.

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