Hiking trails on South Zealand and Møn - Download descriptions and trail maps

There are many beautiful hiking trails in South Zealand and Møn – you decide the level of difficulty. Here you will find both shorter day trips and longer trips for the more ambitious. But whatever your choice, you can be sure it will provide beautiful nature experiences.

The King’s Route on The White Cliffs of Møn "Camønoen", is regarded as a very friendly hiking route, Which on it’s 175 km long route around Møn, Bogø and Nyord boasts both beautiful forests, lovely coastline, hilly farmland and small local communities. The hike can of course be shortened as needed, or made with public transport some of the way. Read more about Camønoen 

The “Stomping Trail” in Stevns
The Stomping Trail on Stevns runs approximately 20 km along the coast from Bøgeskov in the north to Rødvig in the south. On the tour you can – in addition to fantastic views of the Baltic Sea – experience The White Cliffs of Stevns, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage, the cosy Bøgeskov harbour, Holtug chalk quarry, Mandehoveds Nature Centre, Stevns lighthouse, the cold war museum Stevnsfortet and not least the vibrant summer town Rødvig. During the summer months, you can hop on a free bus that runs along the coastline, allowing you to combine walking and driving. 

The small peninsula Feddet by Præstø Fjord offers several hiking routes in the area's stunning nature.

A very popular route, which runs along the entire coastline of Zealand, including South Zealand and Møn. At the route's website you can find maps showing accommodations, events, transportation, food, shopping and much more!

City walks
Both Vordingborg, Præstø and Stege offer city walks providing a view of the history of the towns.

The Goose Walk in Vordingborg

The Anthonite Route in Præstø

The Herring Route in Stege, Møn

More routes
Faxe Kalkbruds Vandrerute

Feddets Vandrerute

Hestehavens Vandrerute i Skibinge, Præstø

Hjertesti ved Faxe Kalkbrud

Hjertesti ved Hesede Skov i Haslev

Klintholm Havns Vandrerute

Kløverstiens Vandrerute i Fuglebjerg

Kongskilde Vandrerute ved Tystrup Sø

Korte Vandreruter i Vordingborg Kommune

Køngs Vandrerute

Lagunestiens Vandrerute

Maglebys Vandrerute på Møn

Merns Vandrerute

Ore Strands Vandrerute

Oringepyntens Vandrerute i Vordingborg

Præstens Ø Vandreruten i Præstø

Skoleengens Vandrerute i Haslev

Stege Skov Vandrerute

Stensveds Vandrerute

Stomping Trail on Stevns

Ulvshale-Nyord Vandrerute    

Ørslev Vandrerute

Online hiking guides
Outdoor Guide: A digital online guide to a wide range of hiking trails. Also provides information on experiences, accommodation, transportation, food and shopping along the routes.

ViewRanger: Is an online map of hiking trails all around the world. The map contain 80 different hiking routes in South Zealand and Møn.

Wandermap: A digital map containing a number of official hiking trails, both local and regional. Provides a very good overview!


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