Tirsdagsmarked i Stege

Markets on South Zealand and Møn

Few people avoid a good bargain and a great place to test your haggling skills is at one of South Zealand’s and Møn’s many markets, where new and old items are offered for sale by both professionals and privately.

Here you have the largest and most popular markets on South Zealand and Møn - arranged in chronological order.

What: Market days 
Where: Næstved
When: Every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the year 

What: Flea market
Where: Store Heddinge
When: Every Saturday from May to September

What: French Spring
Where: Præstø
When: 11-13 May 2018

What: Møn’s Flea Market
Where: Stege
When: Mid-June

What: Tuesday Market 
Where: Stege
When: From the 1st Tuesday in July and the next four Tuesdays

What: Flea market
Where: Præstø
When: Every Saturday in July

What: South Zealand’s largest flea market
Where: Præstø
When: Mid-July

What: Riviera Festival
Where: Faxe Ladeplads
When: End of July

What: Herring Market
Where: Stege
When: First Friday and Saturday in September

What: Farmers’ Market
Where: Gisselfeld Abbey, Haslev
When: 6-7 October 2018

What: Apple Day
Where: Stege
When: Friday in week 42

What: Harvest Market 
Where: Næstved Museum, Næstved
When: Mid-October 

For more information contact the local tourist information centre.

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