Microbreweries and wineries on South Zealand and Møn

Microbreweries and wineries

The Danish microbreweries are popular and are found in all regions of the country and of course also on South Zealand and Møn. However, to find vineyards and wineries in the Danish countryside is probably surprising to most. On South Zealand there are two wineries with commercial production, where you can both go on a tour and buy the precious drops. And on the tiny island of Nyord, north of Møn, you can even buy locally produced, sustainable gin, if you are looking for a true connoisseur offer.

Microbreweries on South Zealand and Møn

If, like many Danes, you have a taste for local and craft beer, then combine the trip to South Zealand and Møn with a tour of some of the region’s microbreweries. Start, for example, with a visit to Gavnø Castle Brewery at Næstved, where you have Denmark’s only castle brewery.

In Næstved itself, you can visit the Kongebryg microbrewery, which is in a former ammunition bunker. Kongebryg is more than a brewery, it is also one of the town’s popular music venues, where the brewery’s beer can be enjoyed to the sound of heavy rock. - Or visit Næstved Bryghus, which is another of the town’s popular microbreweries.

From Næstved you can continue the trip to Stege and visit Byghuset Møn, where the beer is made from local ingredients. The same applies to Stevns Bryghus, which is said to have Denmark’s most beautiful location - So remember to glance out the windows before you have tasted too much of the beer!

Wineries on South Zealand and Møn

Normally you associate wine production with countries in southern climes, but the Danish climate can actually also be used, and in recent years many wineries have popped up around Denmark. On South Zealand you can visit Vesterhavegaarden Winery at Karrebæksminde, which makes organic wine. There is a farm shop here and the opportunity to go on a tour with wine tasting and tapas, if you fancy that.

At Kalvehave is the Danish-French winery Kristianshøj, which makes red, white and dessert wines. Here you can also go on a tour and of course you also have the opportunity to taste the precious drops. 

Spirits of the finest quality

At Isle of Møn Gin, located on the small island of Nyord, north of Møn, sustainable gin is being produced, which to avoid having to import ingredients, is exclusively made from berries, herbs, flowers and roots from the wild nature on Møn and Nyord.

With its own shop in Copenhagen Noorbohandelen, on the small island of Nyord, north of Møn, is a familiar name to many locals. They specialise in importing and bottling of some of the world’s finest spirits, but they also have their own production of liqueurs and bitters. As the first place in Denmark, you can buy spirits in bulk here. However, it is not only alcoholic beverages they deal in, because you will also find specialities from Møn and Nyord on the shelves, as well as arts and crafts. So if you need a souvenir, there is a good chance of finding it here. 

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