Information about public transport on South Zealand and Møn

Public transportation and car hire

Are you going to travel by public transport to South Zealand and Møn from Copenhagen or around the region? Then read on.

By public transport from Copenhagen
If you are travelling from Copenhagen to Møns Klint, take the train from Copenhagen Central Station to Vordingborg Station, which takes between 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 40 minutes (depending on the departure). From here you can take bus 660R to Stege Rutebilstation - a journey that takes about 50 minutes. From Stege you take bus 667 to Klintholm Harbour, which takes about 30 minutes, then you have to walk a fair way to get to Møns Klint. 
As stated, it is a long trip, so we recommend having an overnight stay in the area to take advantage of Møns Klint’s full potential!

If you are travelling from Copenhagen to Karrebæksminde, take the train from Copenhagen Central Station to Næstved Station, which takes between 50 minutes and 1 hour. From there, take bus 603 to Enøby, which takes about 35 minutes.

If you are travelling from Copenhagen to Stevns Klint, take the S-tog (S-train) from Copenhagen Central Station to Køge Station, which takes 40 minutes. From there, take the 210R local line to Rødvig Station, which takes about 30 minutes. From there, take bus 252 to Frøslev and get off at Korsnæbsvej, from which it is about 550 metres to the cliff. 

If you need directions to other places on South Zealand and Møn, please refer to the following pages with public transport. With them you can find timetables, search for specific departures and much more:

Hire companies and taxi companies on South Zealand and Møn
Although distances on South Zealand and Møn are quite short, it can be nice to be able to get around on their own. Therefore, of course there is the option to hire a car, which you can do, for example, at Europcar in Næstved or many other places at the destination.

If you need a taxi, you can get hold of one of the local taxi companies or DanTaxi.

Ride for free with Stevnsbussen is a free bus service for those, who would like to experience the beautiful countryside of Stevns and the many interesting sights. The bus makes one trip in the morning throughout the whole of Stevns Municipality between 13 attractions. In the afternoon, the bus drives exclusively along Stevns Klint. The bus runs from the end of June to the end of August, and you choose where and when you want to get on and off. You can take your bicycle, pram, etc., on the bus. If you are in a wheelchair, please call `45 22 11 13 13 before the trip. See the timetable here.

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