Horse riding on South Zealand and Møn

On a riding holiday

Discover Copenhagen Coast & Countryside from horseback and have a unique experience for both children and adults. Here everyone can join in - even the less experienced.

If you do not own a horse, there are many opportunities to hire one on South Zealand and Møn. Many horse owners also offer guided tours on the normally very calm horses and at a pace where most can participate. 

Møns Klint and Feddet by Præstø Fjord are two peaceful areas, both boasting magnificent scenery and great opportunities for trips. Many places have made special riding trails, and there is accommodation, for example, in one of the so-called “hay hotels” that offer simple accommodation for both horse and rider. On some campsites, there is the possibility to have your horse in a paddock. This is the case at, for instance, Camping Møns Klint and Feddet Camping. Or you can stay overnight at one of the many primitive nature campsites that are an option for, among others, guests on horseback. 

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