Holidays for couples on South Zealsnd and Møn

Secret escape - Romantic weekend

On a mini-break to Copenhagen Coast & Countryside - just an hour’s drive from Copenhagen. See our suggestions for three unforgettable days on South Zealand and Møn with lots of experiences, activities and pampering, but also with time for reflection and twosomeness.

Day 1 - Arrival day
Start your break with a delicious lunch. In the high season, Martens Smokehouse and Lunch Restaurant is open every weekday and offers a delicious, fresh lunch with all the best ingredients. With an address in Karrebæksminde and located right next to the town’s canal, it’s not surprising that many great fish dishes are on the menu. - If the weather is good, don’t miss out on a trip to the beach and if you need an ice cream, then visit the bakery, where you can get a homemade one.

Then drive to Gavnø Castle - a journey of about 30 minutes and enjoy a pleasant moment in the castle park followed by a visit to Denmark’s only castle brewery.  

Then it’s on to the charming commercial and harbour town of Præstø (also about a 30-minute drive by car), where you must give yourself plenty of time to stroll around the old cobbled streets and enjoy the many well preserved houses.

Right next to Præstø Fjord, at the end of the old part of town by the square, Torvet, and Klosternakken, is Hotel Frederiksminde, whose restaurant is the holder of a star in the famous Michelin Guide. You must naturally eat dinner here and do not be scared by the price, because you can enjoy a wonderful 3-course meal for less than DKK 500 per person.

Stay at Hotel Frederiksminde or drive the approximately 15 minutes to Jungsgshoved and stay at Jungshoved Præstegaard, where the newly renovated rooms are worthy of a prince and princess. 

Jungshoved Præstegård

Day 2 - The big activity day
After the big breakfast buffet, it’s time to get going. Head off to Møns Klint and stop along the way at Møns Klint Resort, where you park the car and hire a couple of bicycles or a couple horses if you fancy that. The journey from Møns Klint Resort to Møns Klint is quite stunning with magnificent views of the Baltic Sea, the white cliffs and the turquoise sea.

Stop at GeoCenter Møns Klint, where you can take the steps down to the shore and look for fossils or take a walk. When you return, you can have lunch in the cosy café at the GeoCenter. If you have the time and energy, then take a guided tour of the museum.  

On the way back to Møns Klint Resort, do not miss out on a walk through Liselund Castle Park with the old Liselund Castle in the background. It is beautiful and peaceful here - a great place for a little respite.

Next, go to Nyord, about 30 minutes away. Along the way you drive through the beautiful forest of Ulvshale, and when you arrive park the car outside Nyord town, where cars are not welcome. The town is not big, but it exudes warmth and charm and the locals’ love for the place. Visit the town’s small round church and pop into Noorbohandelen, where you can buy local delicacies.   

After Nyord, we head toward Stevns (about 45 minutes), where you should look forward to a lovely gourmet stay at Vallø Slotskro. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the delicious 4-course menu. And otherwise it’s good night after a long and eventful day!

Day 3 - The return journey
After breakfast and when the suitcases are packed, we drive to Stevns Klint, which because of its special geological history is recorded on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Park at the car park at Højerup Old Church and enjoy the beautiful views from the cliff. If the cliff’s unique layer of fish clay is being studied, you won’t get out of a walk down the steps, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

A 10-minute drive from the cliff is Stevnsfortet, also known as the Cold War Museum. Here you can visit the underground fort that had a very important function for NATO during the Cold War. A guided tour of the place takes about 1.5 hours, but it is an exciting and fascinating story, so it is highly recommended.     

After the museum visit, we drive to Rønnede Kro, where we have lunch. Then you can choose to finish with a trip to Gisselfeld Abbey, just 10 minutes from the inn, and a visit to the cosy orangery, Paradehuset, where you can enjoy a coffee and reflect on the trip, surrounded by the most beautiful flowers and plants.

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Martens Røgeri- og Frokostrestaurant

Alleen 43B
4736 Karrebæksminde
Tlf: +45 5544 2161

Gavnø Slot

Gavnø 2
4700 Næstved
Tlf: +45 55 700 200

Hotel Frederiksminde

Klosternakken 8
4720 Præstø
Tlf: +45 5590 9030

Jungshoved Præstegård

Stavreby Strandvej 4
4720 Præstø
Tlf: +45 5599 9417

Møns Klint Resort

Klintevej 544
4791 Borre
Tlf: +45 5581 2025

GeoCenter Møns Klint

Stengårdsvej 8
4791 Borre
Tlf: +45 5586 3600

Liselund Gl. Slot

Langebjergvej 4
4791 Borre
Tlf: +45 5581 2178


Nyord Bygade 1
4780 Stege
Tlf: +45 5178 0448

Vallø Slotskro

Slotsgade 1
4600 Køge
Tlf: +45 56 266 266

Stevns Klint ved Stevns Museum

Højerup Bygade 38
4660 Store Heddinge
Tlf: +45 5650 2806

Koldkrigsmuseum Stevnsfort

Korsnæbsvej 60
4673 Rødvig Stevns
Tlf: +45 5650 2806

Rønnede Kro

Vordingborgvej 530
4683 Rønnede
Tlf: +45 4422 3000

Paradehuset ved Gisselfeld Kloster

Gisselfeldvej 3
4690 Haslev
Tlf: +45 5632 5155 


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