Tuesday Market, Stege, Møn / Photographer: Tage Klee

Shopping on South Zealand and Møn

If you need a new outfit or you just want to browse and window shop, there are plenty of opportunities on South Zealand and Møn. Næstved, Præstø, Vordingborg, Store Heddinge and Stege are good commercial towns with charming pedestrian streets and many shops. And if it’s raining and windy, then Næstved Storcenter - the region’s largest shopping centre - is a great place to seek refuge.

Visit one of the many local markets, where you not only get a good deal, but you can also experience a beautiful, folksy and relaxing atmosphere. And if are you looking for a unique souvenir, then drop by one of the many galleries or one of the many local artisans.

Shopping in Næstved, Præstø, Vordingborg, Stege and Store Heddinge

Charming commercial towns

Copenhagen Coast & Countryside, just an hour’s drive from Copenhagen, calls for shopping! Read about the region’s best commercial towns.

Næstved Storcenter

Næstved Storcenter

If it is raining or cold, or you just want to shop til you drop, then we recommend that you stop by Næstved Storcenter - the region’s largest shopping centre.


Unique souvenirs

Suggestions for unique souvenirs from Copenhagen Coast & Countryside that will stand out when you get home! 



Follow our guide to South Zealand’s and Møn’s best markets and get a great deal, while experiencing an authentic and cosy market atmosphere.

Shop at the producer

If you want to buy your food directly from the producer, visit one of South Zealand’s and Møn’s many farm shops.

Sweet memories

For the sweet tooth

If you fancy something sweet, then follow our mini guide to three places that are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.  

Catalouge and map

Downloads - Brochures and maps

Here you can download brochures and maps from South Zealand and Møn. Download our official tourist brochure as well as more specific guides.    

Sibirien, Strandskoven, Faxe Ladeplads

Photo gallery - Enjoy our appetizer!

Much can be said with words, but pictures often give a clearer idea about a place, so here we have gathered some of the best photos from Copenhagen Coast & Countryside. Enjoy!