"Bobåden" in Stege

Stay with the sea as your neighbour - for example, in a barrel!

If you experience Copenhagen Coast & Countryside in your own boat, you can enjoy the region’s beautiful coastline and charming harbours from a front row seat, but even without your own boat, there are many opportunities to wake up to the lapping of the waves and the sea as your neighbour.

Overnight in a barrel
If you come to Stege Harbour by kayak or another smaller vessel, you can stay in alternative accommodation, namely in a small barrel-shaped cabin on a raft in the middle of the town’s harbour. The “Barrel” sleeps two adults and two children, and has a table and benches and storage space for luggage. There is no kitchen, bathroom or toilet, so you have to use the harbour’s facilities. This alternative accommodation is next to Restaurant Hoffmann, which is also responsible for the rental service and all the practical things.    

For motorhomes
If you come in a motorhome, there are many opportunities to wake up in a maritime environment, because many of the harbours on South Zealand and Møn offer special sites and facilities for motorhomes. You can find the special motorhome sites at Karrebæksminde Inner Harbour, Vordingborg North Harbour, Madsnedsund Harbour, Bogø Harbour, Kalvehave Harbour Klintholm Harbour, Sandvig Harbour and at Præstø and Rødvig Harbour.   

Camping along the coasts
Most campsites on South Zealand and Møn are on the waterfront, so you can have a front row seat to the coast and sea, and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. 

Other options
There are many Bed and Breakfast places on South Zealand and Møn, and many of them are located directly on the coast - or very close by. Please visit our Bed & Breakfast map and find the perfect place for you. Or stay at one of the area’s five holiday resorts, all located on the coast. - In other words, plenty of accommodation for those who want to enjoy their holiday at one of the many beautiful coastal areas.

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