Når lækkersulten melder sig

For the sweet tooth!

When you have the craving for something sweet and you want to try something special, there are many opportunities on a tour of Copenhagen Coast & Countryside. There are three places in the region that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Møn Bolcher 

At Møn Bolcher, which is in the old sugar factory in Stege, boiled sweets are made to good old recipes, so when the sweet mass has boiled, the sweet-maker kneads and shapes the red-hot mass into colourful treats.

However, the factory not only has boiled sweets to tempt you with, they also produce different kinds of dragée confectionery like chocolate liquorice, raspberry-chilli liquorice, mint liquorice, chocolate salmiak almonds and other sweet, strong and salty delicacies. 

The Sweet Factory works all year round and admission is free. 

Enø Bakery  

Enø Bakery is located directly on the harbour in Enø with the best views to the harbour entrance. You can get good low-fat ice cream here - made from scratch using the best ingredients. The milk here is organic and additives are banned. So in other words, the elderflower ice cream tastes of elder and the various fruit ice creams of the fruit they are made of, so you can look forward to a genuine and natural taste experience here.  

Of course, Enø bakery also sells good bread and lovely cakes. The shop is open all year round.


Økoladen is an organic chocolate factory at Ørslev near Vordingborg, where the vision is to produce the best possible chocolate products. To get the best out of the ingredients, the chocolate is made by hand and all the ingredients are of course organic.   

The selection at Økoladen is broad and also includes nougat and marzipan, chocolate bars, sweets and nuts, chocolate covered marshmallows, gift boxes and various speciality products. 

Økoladen is open Monday to Friday throughout the year.

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