Trolling at South Zealand and Møn

Trolling for salmon on Stevns

Danish, Swedish and German trolling fishermen have pin pointed the South Baltic as the area on the world map where you can make a good catch of large and plentiful salmon. From Rødvig you can access Krieger Flak - in the winter months one of the best spots.

Which side of Kriegers Flak offers the best fishing is dependant on wind and tides, then the salmon hunt the herring, which are forced towards Flak. Therefore if you detect a swarm of herring on the echo sounder, you should thoroughly fish the area, then the salmon can't be far away. Rødvig Harbour lies - when coming from the north - only 70 km from Copenhagen and 30 km from the motorway junction at Køge when travelling from the west.

The harbour at Rødvig Havn has two ramps, from which the trolling boats can be put to sea from a trailer, and there is seldom a queue. There is plenty of trailer parking available during the time you are at sea and in Rødvig there is breakfast on offer, a supermarket, a petrol station and plenty of restaurants,  that will serve you a hearty meal after your trip.

Please be aware of your own safety. Trolling for salmon on the Baltic is not for beginners.

The most well known places are 20-30 sea miles out in waters 30-40 metres deep, and it takes place in the cold months. Good sailing skills and a seaworthy boot are essential if you are to go safely out and come safely back in again.

But no one knows the secrets of the salmon, and there is plenty of water in between. However, the salmon certainly comes up past Stevns, as every year the Baltic Salmon is caught in the far north in Oresund. Adventurous Trolling fishermen, who have the courage to try out new places, can start with an advantage in Rødvig.

Trolling for Sea Trout

Trolling Fishing for sea trout at Stevns Klint has a long tradition. Everyone can join in and the fish are usually larger than those inland near the coast.

The boat takes a wide zig zag course with 10-15 metre curves, just a few hundred metres out, and even by a brisk wind you are in the shelter of the chalk cliffs.

Although some boats have a powerful motor and special equipment, the smaller boats are also successful. You can pull a blinker or small plugs behind your boat whilst the rod is in the holder. You can use a paravan or a dipsy diver to send your blinker into the depths and then hold your speed steady at a few knots - then you are sure to be successful! The high season is early spring or late autumn, but trolling fishing for sea trout can be exercised the whole year over - also in summer - with Stevns Klint offering a fantastic backdrop for not just the tour itself but also for the photos of the catch.

As well as sea trout you will certainly find horn pike, especially from late spring to the middle of autumn. Sometimes there are almost too many, but most fishermen love the mini swordfishes for their willingness to “bite” and their fighting spirit when they are on the hook.

Additionally there are a healthy numbers of cod near the under-water floats around Stevns Klint. Just drop your speed a little and make sure that your bait is 1-3 metres above the bottom. Where one cod can be caught means there are plenty more. It is more enjoyable to make a catch with light casting equipment than with the heavy trolling equipment, so just stop your boat and float over the area where you can fish with a light jig casting lure.

Please remember that sea trout and cod must have a minimum size. For the sea trout 40 cm, and for the cod 38 cm. You are sharing the ocean at Stevns Klint with the local professional fishermen, who cast their nets from the chalk cliffs to far out to sea. Please show respect and keep your distance from the nets.

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