Unique shopping on South Zealand and Møn

Unique souvenirs

If you are looking for a unique souvenir from Copenhagen Coast & Countryside, which must stand out when you get home, then you should stop by one of the region’s local artisans or one of the many galleries based on South Zealand. Or visit the more than 175-year-old Kähler workshop, whose products are more popular than ever - and not just in Denmark, but also outside the country’s borders.


Part of the historic Kähler workshop in Næstved is home today to a flagship store, where you can see and buy all the different Kähler products. You really get a sense of history when you walk around in the carefully renovated workshop building, so you can look forward to a unique shopping experience.

You can also take a guided tour and learn all about the more than 175-year-old ceramics factory.

Bodil Keramik

In Magleby on Møn you can visit Bodil Keramik, which, amongst other things, produces utility items such as tea pots, dishes, bowls, cups and vases in hand-turned ceramic. The workshop is open to groups by appointment.

Heidi Fournier - art and ceramics 

If you go to Vridsløse just outside Næstved, you can visit potter and painter Heidi Fournier. Here you can not only buy the artist’s unique ceramics and paintings, but you can also choose a piece of pottery and then paint it yourself under the guidance of the artist herself.

The new Holmegaard 

Holmegaard Glasswork’s story started in 1825 in Fensmark just outside Næstved. The glassworks grew rapidly and was almost a small village with peat halls, separate office buildings, studios, worker’s housing and a school. In 2018, The new Holmegaard will be inaugurated in the old buildings, which, amongst other things, will include a modern and high-tech museum of cultural history with a focus on the history of creative professions. There will be an exploratorium, exhibitions, including the Nordic region’s largest glass collection, live workshops, a brand store and cafe. So in other words, there is something to look forward to. 

Galleries on South Zealand and Møn 

Visit one of South Zealand’s and Møn’s many galleries and have an intimate art experience, and perhaps take a piece of art home. Here there is the chance to find local art and perhaps meet the artist, but also the opportunity to get acquainted with names from other parts of the country or abroad. 

At Rønnebæksholm, which is just outside Næstved, you not only get an exhibition experience, but also the opportunity to visit the art workshop, the café, participate in a music event or one of the many other events taking place.  

Gallery Emmaus is centrally located in Haslev, in the former high school building. Here you will find a selection of modern and classical art. The gallery has more than 30 renowned artists affiliated with it and guest exhibitors regularly visit. 

In the middle of the town of Stege on Møn is Liza’s Gallery, which is run by artist couple Rupert Sutton and Liza Krügermeier. There are alternating exhibitions year round with a mixture of Danish and foreign artists. 

Not far from Stege, in Fanefjord, you can experience international contemporary art at Knusthal 44 Møen. The exhibition venue has close collaboration with both local and international artists and it presents many different exhibitions throughout the year.

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