Water sports for all tastes / Experiences on the water

Along Copenhagen Coast & Countryside’s long coastline is also plenty of glorious sea, and as if that was not enough, then the region also offers water in the hinterland in the form of, amongst others, Zealand’s longest river, the River Suså and the twin lakes Tystrup and Bavelse. With all this water, the stage is set for water sports for everyone!

For sail or engine
Boating enthusiasts have many good reasons to head to Copenhagen Coast & Countryside. Amongst other things, the Nearshore Tender Area (Smålandsfarvandet), between Zealand and Lolland, with its many small islands, coves, bays and inlets, is a true sailing paradise.

The trip through Bøgestrømmen that winds between Zealand and Møn is also a great sailing experience, and the same applies to the trip past Møns Klint in the early morning light, just as Præstø Bay is a very popular and favourite excursion destination.

See our Harbour Guide with facts and descriptions about the most charming harbours on South Zealand and Møn (PDF).

Kitesurfing and windsurfing
Farø, located between Falster and Møn, is one of Denmark’s best kitesurfing spots, but you can also do the popular sport at other places in the area - including at Feddet Beach. Farø is also the ideal spot for those who are into windsurfing

Canoeing and kayaking
If you want to go canoeing, then you can take a bite out of Zealand’s longest river, the River Suså, and also try out the Tystrup-Bavelse lakes. There are many canoe hire services in the area, so the trip can start in different places. Although you have to work for the cause, it is an incredibly relaxing experience to drift off with the current, while the landscape silently glides by and the water softly laps against the bow of the canoe.

If you want to go out on the open sea, it is worth considering a sea kayak. You can hire one at Rødvig from where it is not far to Stevns Klint. It is also possible to hire a canoe at Møn, if you dream of seeing the impressive chalk cliffs from the sea and paddling in the turquoise water below the cliff. - The water in the numerous peaceful coves and inlets in the region lend themselves perfectly for canoeing and kayaking, just as paddle boarders can enjoy the peaceful environment.

Blue Flag Centre
Visit the new Blue Flag Centre at Karrebæksminde, which on weekdays during the school holidays organises various activities and tours that will make you wiser about the marine and coastal environment. The different activities are open to all children and adults.

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