Fresco in Elmelunde Church, Møn

World class frescos

Did you know that some of the Middle Age’s finest frescoes are in three churches on Møn, so even though frescoes are not perhaps top of the list, do not miss out seeing these impressive works if you come to Møn.

Many art historians believe that the medieval frescoes are one of Denmark’s most important contributions to world art, and on Møn you can see no less than three of the country’s finest. They were all done by the so-called “Elmelunde Master” and they are in the three churches Elmelunde, Keldby and Fanefjord Church. The designs are classic and come from the story of the Bible, but the paintings are particularly interesting because the characters’ clothes, tools and activities tell a lot about everyday medieval life. What is characteristic abut the Elemelunde Master is the cartoonish style and the characters’ lethargic facial expressions. Apparently taking the fortunes of life with the same stoic calm, whether they are stabbed by a sword, dragged to the gates of hell or exalted to heaven. The designs are interesting and entertaining, so bring the family’s smallest ones in to see them.  

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