World class nature experiences

In our beautiful part of Denmark you can discover the rich plant and animal life of the area, with child friendly beaches along the longest stretch of coastline in Denmark and plenty of areas with low light pollution. Here you are able to view the stars and the Milky Way in their full glory in a Dark Sky Area.

You shouldn't miss the UNESCO World Nature Inheritance Sites at Stevns Klint or Møns Klint, with their fantastic natural surroundings.


Photo: Steen Knarberg


Nature experiences

If you delight in nature and all its possibilities then South Zealand and Møn will be a paradise for you.


The White Cliffs of Møn

The popularity of The White Cliffs of Møn is understandable, as the chalk-white cliffs that rise from the turquoise water is truly a breathtaking sight. Read about what you can experience.


Discover "Dark Sky" on Møn and Nyord

"Dark Sky", or to experience the night sky almost no light pollution, is a phenomenon that can only be experienced very few places in Denmark. Two of those places are on Møn and Nyord.  


Visit Faxe Limestone Quarry

Visit Faxe Limestone Quarry and Geomuseum Faxe and get a 63 million year history lesson of Denmark.  

Catalouge and map

Downloads - Brochures and maps

Here you can download brochures and maps from South Zealand and Møn. Download our official tourist brochure as well as more specific guides.    

Sibirien, Strandskoven, Faxe Ladeplads

Photo gallery - Enjoy our appetizer!

Much can be said with words, but pictures often give a clearer idea about a place, so here we have gathered some of the best photos from Copenhagen Coast & Countryside. Enjoy!