Foto: Tage Klee / Per Rasmussen

Dannebrog 800 years – Vordingborg

The anniversary celebration of the Danish flag in Vordingborg

The Forest Tower at Camp Adventure

Amazing view form 45 meter above the ground 

Foto: Tage Klee

In need of a wedding planner?

Fortunately, very few people are experienced in having a wedding and therefore it may be a bit nerve-racking to plan the big day on your own. A wedding planner can help you plan the perfect dream wedding - everything from good advice and guidance to the all-inclusive package, where eveything is included and thought of. Whichever solution you choose, you get a professional insight and perhaps a different approach to yout big day. 

Discover Stevns Klint UNESCO World Heritage Site

In 2014, Stevns Klint was included on the UNESCO’s world heritage list and joined the category of national parks, medieval towns and other historical natural areas, monuments, etc.

Further down you can read more about Stevns Klint and the dramatic history that has led to the cliffs being included on UNESCO’s world heritage list today.

Family friendly restaurants on South Zealand and Møn

Go out for dinner with the whole family

Here are our suggestions for good and family-friendly places to eat on South Zealand and Møn. There is something for everyone here, but of course we have much more than this.


Visit Faxe Limestone Quarry

63 million years ago the Faxe Limestone Quarry was covered by water, and inhabited by huge sharks, crocodiles and other exotic animals. You can still find vestiges of this past in the form of fossils and imprints, which is guaranteed to be an experience for the whole family.