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Stevns Camping!

Stevns Camping is 10 km south of the town of Koege and only 400 metres from Koege Bay, with excellent opportunities for anglers and only a couple of kilometres to the nearest woods. The ground covers an area of ten hectares with room for 300 units with electricity and 15 cabins for hire.
The area around the ground offers the opportunity to see nature from her most delightful side. Cycle and/or ramble in Boegeskov Forest, along Tryggevaelde River, in Valloe Castle Park, the town of Koege or follow the trails along Koege River which take you past such attractions as the many small houses in Koege's Old Town. Tryggevaelde River is a favourite place to fish for angling enthusiasts.
It is no great distance to Stevns Clint and Faxe Limestone Quarry, and the children have every opportunity to enjoy themselves at BonBon-Land.

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4671 Strøby


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Longitude : 12.289238
Latitude : 55.398806